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09 September 2021

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What kind of logs can I burn?

You can burn all types of logs as long as the moisture content within the wood is below 20%. For an ideal burn aim for 12-15%. Be aware that some wood has a high sap content such as pine and spruce and these should be avoided where possible. Sap creates sticky deposits in the flue and can reduce the lifespan of a flue or flue liner. 


Hardwood or softwood?

In our opinion Hardwood is by far the best wood to burn, yes it costs more than softwood but it burns cleaner and for longer.


If I source freshly felled wood, how long must I wait for them to be ready to burn?  

Freshly cut wood will need to be cut, split and stacked to allow it to dry. The wood store should be open and facing the sunlight and prevailing wind to allow the quickest drying time. The length of time taken for the wood to dry depends on the species. As a guide most softwoods should sit for 12 months and hardwoods 12-18 months. You can periodically test the moisture content with a moisture meter. 


How do I know the wood I'm buying is dry?

There is a quality mark to look for when buying wood. If the wood displays the 'Woodsure ready to burn' logo then you know for sure the wood is dry and ready to burn.  


How much should I be paying for wood?

The cost of wood very much depends on the quality. Don't be fooled by large quantities of cheap wood. You will expect to pay a little bit more for premium hardwood with the ready to burn logo. 


At fires in stone we currently sell Barrow bags of Premium British kiln dried hardwood with the wood sure ready to burn mark for £60 including free delivery within 10 miles of our showroom and warehouse