Flue Lining and Rigid Flue Installation

A large part of our work involves the lining of existing masonry chimneys. Many of the houses we work in are in excess of 50 years old and over time the chimney cat deteriorate to the point where it is no longer gas tight. This can be very dangerous to the homeowner and leave them exposed to harmful gasses such as Carbon monoxide. We can use a flexible stainless steel flue liner to line the inside of the chimney taking away any risk and providing a seamless connection from the appliance to the cowl on top of the chimney. We only use the very best products and our flue liners come with a Lifetime Warranty. 




For those homes that don't have a masonry chimney, we can install a rigid sectional flue system which can be fitted internally or externally and this allows the hot flue gasses to be removed from your property safely. We are qualified to design and install these flue systems ensuring all standards and building regulations are adhered to.